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Exceptional services at an exceptional price

Every small business is unique, we don’t believe in an hourly rate, this can cost you an excessive amount of money and the satisfaction that you are not looking for. Why would you pay more than you need to!


Xero Bookkeeping Set Ups and Training

Offering seamless and integrated accounting software programs to help you run your business as smoothly as possible.

With Xero being the fast-growing cloud-based accounting software with over 500 add-ons to choose from, it can sometimes be confusing to small business owners to know exactly what they need to run their business.

Our qualified Xero Advisors can take away the stress of not knowing which accounting software program to use and how!


Accessing and Streamlining

Helping Small businesses be more efficient, providing solutions that not only save time but loads of money as well!

Are you still completing timesheets by hand?

Are you still storing those tiny little fuel receipts on the dashboard of your car?



Having a budget keeps businesses on track with their income and expenditure.

Budgets can help identify where your money is suddenly disappearing to.

Budgeting is a necessity for your business and also your personal life.


Cashflow Management

Are you struggling with your cashflow?

How can you increase your cash in the bank?

Make an appointment today to see how you can better manage your cash


Accounts Payable

Are you paying your bills on time?

Do you need help with data entry and payment of bills?


Accounts Receivable and Debtor Management

Are you invoicing in a timely and frequent manner?

Have you missed billing anyone?

Are you getting paid on time?


BAS and IAS Preparation and Lodgement

Do you have the ATO breathing down your back?

Leave that worry to us – we can prepare all your IAS and BAS and lodge on time so that you never have to speak with them again.


Management Reporting

Weekly/monthly/quarterly reports, Cashflow Reports, Budgeting Reports, Profit & Loss reports.

Do you need all these reports, do you know how to read these reports, what does this all mean?

Come and see us at Blitzin Books to organise Reporting Packs to meet your needs and to help you make better management decisions.


Reconciliations of all bank accounts, loan accounts and credit cards

Ensuring that you have all your ducks in a row – maintaining and reconciling your bank accounts is a must.

Without reconciliations of your bank accounts, you will not be able to rely on any of your reports as they will  not be accurate.



With the amount of great software options on the market at present, we usually take HALF the amount of time to complete payroll than the average small business owner.  Why would you waste time doing this yourself?

The qualified staff at Blitzin Books can ensure that your Superannuation Guarantee obligations are paid on time, the correct amounts are being reported to the ATO and can deliver accurate and timely payslips to all your employees.


Key Performance Inidcators’s (KPI’s)

Helping you monitor your KPI’s and seeing where improvement needs to be made

Which KPI’s do you need to keep an eye on?


Job Costing / Time Management

All important to the modern day businesses who need to keep track of which jobs are making money and which are not!

POS Systems

Integration between your EFTPOS system and accounting system is a must!

This will save you an incredible amount of time and money.

Ready to start?

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you!
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